In 1997, GEOBRIDGE emerged as one of the first information security solutions providers to support cryptography and payment applications for payment processors, financial institutions and retail organizations. Guided by the credo that information security solutions should support, rather than dictate, business requirements, GEOBRIDGE continues to find new mechanisms that leverage our customers’ security measures to better meet their business needs.

Today GEOBRIDGE is a leading information security solutions and compliance provider that supports a diverse global client base in retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and government markets. A key factor in the company’s growth and success is our longstanding customer relationships. We actively partner with our customers to design and implement solutions that support their current and future business requirements.

GEOBRIDGE brings together a team of highly skilled and highly experienced Network Security Architects, Application Developers, Cryptographic Key Management Experts and Project Management professionals who are fully invested in satisfying the security and compliance requirements of our customers.


We have and continue to develop strategic partnerships with premier vendors to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Our clients are medium to enterprise size businesses in retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and government markets.

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