GEOBRIDGE Corporation, the manufacturer of the KeyBRIDGE appliance, in partnership with CSS, known for its PKI Operations and Cloud PKI solutions, has released CertBRIDGE™ 1.0, enabling Point of Interaction (POI) manufacturers to offer remote key loading to their customers.

Direct Key Injection and Remote Key Loading

Since 1997, GEOBRIDGE has been enabling direct key injection for hundreds of POI devices. More recently, GEOBRIDGE has worked with a number of POI manufacturers to support their proprietary remote key loading techniques with the KeyBRIDGE platform. There are two primary techniques in the marketplace, both with distinct advantages, and both supported by the new CertBRIDGE platform:

  • Symmetric Protection of Symmetric Keys: This technique lends itself to large batch processing, with pre-ordered payloads managed carefully through common or proprietary terminal management systems. This technique relies on the presence of a symmetric key loaded by the manufacturer at the time of device building. CertBRIDGE offers the ability to establish and ensure mutual authentication prior to the delivery of this sensitive payload.
  • Asymmetric Protection of Symmetric Keys: This technique applies to single device key loading in real-time, by leveraging mutual authentication techniques enabled by a carefully managed Public Key Infrastructure and Certificate Authority. Asymmetric protection of symmetric keys relies on the presence of a pre-loaded key pair that can be used to perform mutual authentication. While this method is effective, it is frequently accompanied by substantial financial and operational barriers to successful execution.


CertBRIDGE: A New Solution

For decades, secure key delivery solutions have been either symmetric or asymmetric. Both GEOBRIDGE and CSS have invested considerable resources in providing clients the most secure key management available while supporting adherence to compliance requirements. CertBRIDGE has enabled GEOBRIDGE and CSS to combine best-of-breed security tools to deliver a single robust solution to the marketplace, supported by first-rate subject matter expertise, reduced costs, and accelerated time-to-market for solution providers.

CertBRIDGE has been designed to satisfy industry and government compliance requirements  associated with real-time remote key distribution for Point of Interaction (POI) manufacturers. Unique features and specialized functions of new equipment are only impactful when a solution can be deployed in a timely manner. Moreover, total cost of ownership is often calculated by considering the cost of repair and re-keying obligations. Shipping costs, along with revenue lost during a shipping cycle, are major drivers for more efficient solutions. As a result, real-time key loading techniques are necessary to support the demands of the industry.