KeyBRIDGE Direct Connect

Enterprise key management is a daunting and often complex undertaking. There is significant risk in not knowing what keys are in place, who owns them, and how they are protected within an organization. The KeyBRIDGE 3100 platform  offers a user-friendly solution to a complicated problem.

KeyBRIDGE  3100 appliance  provides extensive access controls and audit logging, paired with hardware encryption and a physically secure, tamper-resistant appliance. Through the easy to use interface, organizations are able to centrally store and manage their enterprise keys through all phases of the key management lifecycle.

KeyBRIDGE 3100 appliance  is compatible with over 150 POS devices, which includes DUKPT, Master/Session and EMV. Supported manufacturers include VeriFone, Ingenico, ID Tech, XAC, First Data, Equinox, Pax, Anywhere Commerce, Cryptera and many more.


Product Features:

  • Centralized and secure key storage
  • Detailed key inventory
  • Supported keys include:
    • Double & triple-length TDES keys
    • 128, 192 & 256-bit AES keys
    • Single & double length Master/Session keys
  • Ability to update the SMK for periodic key rotation
  • POS key erasure functionality to clear production keys from POS devices prior to transporting


There are many additional license features available with the KeyBRIDGE 2100 appliance.

License Features:

  • SCD Component Entry – Allows users to securely enter TDES or AES components through a separate, removable Secure Cryptographic Device (SCD) and send them encrypted to the KeyBRIDGE appliance for storage
  • Network Support – Allows users to save data such as audit logs, key inventory and system backups from the KeyBRIDGE appliance to a network drive
  • Custom PED Export – Allows users to define a specific format for the export file(s) containing POS keys, as well as allows users to change the names associated with POS models
  • Custom Key Usage – Allows users to define additional Key Usages and determine the permissible characteristics of those Custom Key Usages.
  • Custom Key Attributes – Allows users to create up to 12 custom attributes at the key level



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