KeyBRIDGE Remote Key Loading (RKL)

Leveraging existing KeyBRIDGE administration components, the KeyBRIDGE RKL enables secure delivery of payment processing keys onto enabled POS devices with internet connection, regardless of location.

The KeyBRIDGE RKL provides the ability to generate and issue keys to POS devices without a physical connection between the KeyBRIDGE appliance and the POS. As a result, POS devices can be loaded with payment keys at the time of installation or re-keyed without the added complexity of uninstalling/reinstalling the POS or shipping devices back and forth between merchant locations and key loading organizations.

KeyBRIDGE RKL uses the same stringent management controls of other KeyBRIDGE products. Sensitive functions require dual control, role-based access restricts user privileges based on their assigned responsibilities and comprehensive audit logging tracks all activity on the system to meet compliance requirements.

To support key loading to remote devices, KeyBRIDGE RKL includes certificate management features. The certificate trust chain for devices receiving keys remotely is stored on the KeyBRIDGE RKL appliance. Certificates are checked during the import process to ensure the certificate is valid and the trust chain is in place.


Benefits of Remote Key Loading:

  • Reduced Fulfillment Time – POS loaded or re-keyed at the merchant facilities without uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • Reduced Compliance Scope – POS loaded via RKL do not fall under the secure facility handling guidelines.
  • Reduced Shipping Costs – POS shipped directly from manufacturers to merchants.




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