GEOBRIDGE’s assessment team consists of on-staff, certified assessors for the following payment industry compliance programs:

  • TR-39 PIN Security and Key Management Assessments, required by the EFT Networks
  • PCI PIN Assessments, required by Visa and MasterCard
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Assessments, required by the payment card brands

Some organizations may simply need a certified assessor to perform their final assessment for submission. GEOBRIDGE is qualified to provide such services and is experienced in completing basic assessments for a wide range of merchants, service providers and financial institutions. Alternatively, many organizations are preparing for their first assessment or are proactively seeking guidance in implementing compliant policies and procedures.

GEOBRIDGE provides end-to-end services to support your organization at every stage of the compliance effort.

Pre-Assessment and Gap Analysis

GEOBRIDGE has helped many organizations evaluate their current state prior to engaging in a formal assessment. Our certified assessors approach pre-assessments using the same methodology that would be used during a final assessment. The resulting report provides details on any non-compliant findings which must be addressed prior to the final assessment.

Remediation Consulting

Remediation consulting is offered as a follow-on or standalone service. GEOBRIDGE’s certified assessors assist clients in resolving any issues that could prevent a successful final assessment. With expert knowledge of the underlying compliance requirements and extensive experience managing complex projects, the GEOBRIDGE team guides clients through the planning and implementation process to enact all necessary policies, procedures and controls to achieve compliance.

Final Assessment

Unlike many assessor companies, GEOBRIDGE was founded in the payments industry. While other companies entered the field merely to extend their market of information security offerings, payment security and compliance are fundamental to the GEOBRIDGE mission. Understanding the industry is a critical part of being an effective assessor. While the requirements of many compliance mandates rely on technical knowledge, our understanding of the operational environments and business needs of our clients sets GEOBRIDGE apart.

GEOBRIDGE brings industry experience, technical expertise and a clear understanding of compliance to the assessment process. Our assessors utilize a proven and disciplined methodology to execute assessments. Once all findings have been compiled, the resulting report is peer-reviewed by at least one additional GEOBRIDGE assessor prior to being reviewed with the client and submitted to the appropriate parties.

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