KeyBRIDGE™ 2100 Appliance

Enterprise Key Management

Enterprise key management is a daunting and often complex undertaking. There is significant risk in not knowing what keys are in place within the organization, who owns them and how they are protected. KeyBRIDGETM 2100 appliance offers a user-friendly solution to a complicated problem.

The solution  provides extensive access controls and audit logging, paired with hardware encryption and a physically secure, tamper-resistant appliance. Through the easy to use interface, organizations are able to centrally store and manage their enterprise keys through all phases of the key management lifecycle.

Leveraging public key infrastructure, KeyBRIDGETM 2100 appliance also supports remote key distribution. This allows keys to be securely distributed to authorized recipients without manually exporting and transporting keys.

Product Features

    • Centralized and secure key storage
    • Leverages PKI for secure key distribution
    • Role-based access and strong authentication and forced dual-control
    • Consolidated audit log and reporting tools
    • Minimal overhead/maintenance
    • TRSM designed to be FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant
    • Simple Graphical User Interface


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