Mobile Payment Security


GEOBRIDGE has developed an interoperable and cryptographically secure Mobile Payment solution based on industry compliance mandates for protecting sensitive authentication data. The EMPOWER PaymentsTM solution allows customers to use any mobile device to purchase goods and services at a merchant point of sale location with any card accepted at a merchant lane. Moreover, GEOBRIDGE has created this solution without the costly and complicated infrastructure associated with Near Field Communications (NFC). We have achieved interoperability for consumers and merchants, while deploying a solution rooted and dependent upon hardware based cryptographic security that leverages ubiquitous existing technologies for conducting a transaction.

Key advantages of the EMPOWER PaymentsTM solution are:

  • The solution operates independently from phone carriers and phone manufacturers.
  • The solution does not require any physical add-ons, such as a plugs or stickers.
  • The solution uses cryptographic solution(s) that are currently being used in the traditional payment arena.
  • The solution does not emit any Near Field Communications (NFC), which may potentially be intercepted or dependent on the cooperation of competing partners.

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