Encryption and key management
since 1997
Encryption and key management
since 1997
by geobridge
We thrive in a fast paced, highly demanding, and constantly evolving work environment in support of our clients. We have a strong commitment to our employees, partners and customers. Our relationships are the foundation for everything that we have achieved in the past twenty years and everything we plan to achieve in the next decade. We have the capabilities and experience to deliver enterprise cryptography and key management solutions.
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Get an opportunity to join an established data security firm and work with leaders in your field to develop insight, experience and truly add value.

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Our Core Values

We believe that improving our impact on society strengthens our company and fulfils our business purpose. Discover the values that drive on us every day.

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Who We Are

Clients count on us to help them transform uncertainty into possibility and rapid change into lasting progress. Our expert team knows how to collaborate and innovate.

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About Us

Since 1997, GEOBRIDGE has been providing enterprises with information security solutions.  Our organization was one of the first providers to sell and support encryption, cryptography and payment applications.  Today, we support payment processors, issuers, terminal manufacturers and merchants around the globe.

Our innovative team continues to find new mechanisms that leverage our client’s security measures to better meet their business needs.  After 20 years of helping clients succeed, we’ve evolved into one of the leading encryption and key management system integrators.  A few of the services we provide include:

  Key Management Program Development
  Payments Industry Consulting
  Cryptographic Software Development Warehouse Services
  Cryptographic Solution Architecture
  HSM Virtualization

GEOBRIDGE is an active participant in every facet of the financial services industry. You can trust our leadership to promote best practices that help clients meet rigorous compliance standards every day. While not all markets have requirements to meet the same standards, GEOBRIDGE works with many clients wishing to employ the use of key management and cryptography by applying the best solutions and practices to ensure the most sensitive assets of any organization remain protected and properly managed.

Competitive Advantage


A key factor in the company’s growth and success is our longstanding customer relationships.

We actively partner with our customers to design and implement solutions that support their current and future business requirements. We’ve consulted and assisted with companies around the world on their encryption and cryptographic needs while providing exceptional 24×7 customer service to their critical systems.


The GEOBRIDGE team holds decades of hands-on experience in network security, architecture and implementation.  Our specialties include payment security, cryptography and key management, and project management. Our team is trained and certified to implement and support our strategic partners’ products.

Additionally, our team is able to architect solutions with multiple products to provide customized solutions to meet our customers’ security and compliance requirements.

Our security professionals are not only educated in technology; they also apply solid business and project management methodologies which allow us to provide unique value to our customers.

Establishing longstanding customer relationships.