KeyBRIDGE™ 3100 – New PED Development

by geobridge

KeyBRIDGE™ 3100 – New PED Development

by geobridge

by geobridge

The GEOBRIDGE development team has been hard at work and has released the following new PEDs for our customers:

KeyBRIDGE PED Developed

  EasiChoice 5

  Verifone Carbon

  Castle Vega3000

  Castles UPT

  OTI Saturn

  IDTech SecuRED

  ID Tech Augusta

  PAX SP20v4, A920, D220, E5000

  OTI Saturn 6500

  Exadigm N5 & T2

  Innowi ChecOut

Additionally, GEOBRIDGE added many new enhancements to the KeyBRIDGE 3100 platform in the latest 5.2.4 update:


  CBC Encrypted TDES Cryptogram Import and Export.

  Import Key from FutureX File Encryption Mode Determination.

  Multi-Key Export Update.

  PED Injection Subtype and Modified Barcode Key Selection.

  ARCK API Module Update.

  Audit Logs Update.

  Barcode Key Linking allows for keys that are added to KeyBRIDGE to
be assigned a barcode.

  Injection Profiles setup allows for duplicated key injections per device and relationship.

  Master Session PED Key Sets can now be exported as Key Blocks.

  SFTP Profiles enables managers to connect to secure network locations to upload files.

  Connection Profiles are used in conjunction with GEOBRIDGE’s ARCK APIs to
link client systems to a KeyBRIDGE.

  CMAC KCV Algorithm for AES Keys.

  Column Sorting and Order is now saved by the user.

  Enhanced Key Inventory Search allows filtering by KCV, Barcode, and Custom Attributes
assigned to a key.

  E-Mail Alerting for Certificate Management.

  Specialty Keys and Control Vectors now supported.

  payShield Integration supports the use of both TDES2 and TDES3 ZMKs for TDES LMKs.