A vendor agnostic solution to cryptographic key management
A vendor agnostic solution to cryptographic key management
by geobridge

Enterprise Encryption Key Management

The KeyBRIDGE 3100 platform extends a simple and intuitive interface for managing and distributing cryptographic keys and keying materials across a broad spectrum of use cases.  In today’s threat landscape, encryption is a business critical requirement.  Encryption can be simple when there is no requirement to share information.  However, when encrypted information has to be shared, as is always the case in the Payment Industry, the generation and distribution of cryptographic keys and keying materials can be a daunting task.  The KeyBRIDGE 3100 platform eliminates the burden and worry associated with cryptographic key management by supporting this vendor agnostic approach.


encryption key management system

The KeyBRIDGE 3100 eKMS is the natural evolution of the original KeyBRIDGE concept to achieve an enterprise encryption key management solution. Early adopters of the KeyBRIDGE platform leveraged the solution for the management of hundreds or thousands of a common key type or key usage to be generated, imported, and/or exported in support of hundreds of devices. GEOBRIDGE extended this vendor agnostic approach to key distribution with payment devices, to enable any valid endpoint to interface with KeyBRIDGE even if the endpoint leverages a proprietary protocol. This is truly what it means to succeed with an enterprise encryption key management solution.

The KeyBRIDGE 3100 eKMS maintains support for the generation, import, and distribution of any key type. The platform has full support of AES, DES, RSA, and ECC algorithms. All keys within KeyBRIDGE are protected under a 256 Bit AES System Master Key, allowing for the immediate use or distribution as a cryptogram or broken down into component parts or shares. KeyBRIDGE eKMS ensures that an organization is in full control of their enterprise key inventory, and no longer at the mercy of a single solution, manufacturer, or employee that is no longer available.

Many GEOBRIDGE clients support multiple HSM technologies. This common architecture underscores the necessity of implementing an enterprise encryption key management solution.  The KeyBRIDGE 3100 allows our clients to support all solutions, with a simple and easy to navigate common user interface, without the need to achieve or maintain subject matter expertise on each new or individual solution. HSM vendors supported are Thales, Atalla, Utimaco and Safenet.

User Interface flexibility is critical for the effective deployment of an enterprise encryption management solution. The KeyBRIDGE 3100 eKMS supports both a simple GUI, as well as the ARCK™ API, which is a highly flexible JSON Schema RESTful API. The ARCK API allows KeyBRIDGE users to remotely access KeyBRIDGE to perform numerous key management functions that include but not limited to:

• Remote access to audit logs
• Remote Access to Key Meta Data Details
• Key Requests
• Key Storage
• Key Translation
• Random Number Generation
• Multi-Key Import
• Multi-Key Export
• Translation between Formats (Variants & Key Bundling)
• Granular filtered System Queries
• Custom Options

The KeyBRIDGE 3100 eKMS can serve as either the client or the host, allowing for local users to push keys to desired endpoints, as well as allowing remote access profiles to get and post keys or keying materials. The platform can also support user defined schemas for RESTful API.

The KeyBRIDGE 3100 eKMS provides complete control, and visibility of the full enterprise key inventory. Achieve full lifecycle key management from generation through escrow and termination. Similar to RKD, the eKMS functionality is accessible from a self-managed KeyBRIDGE 3100 appliance, or available in a service model maintained by the GEOBRIDGE KEES™ Team.

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