Design, build
and implement
Design, build
and implement
by geobridge

Architecture and Implementation

Leveraging decades of combined experience in cryptography and active involvement in the payments industry and standards bodies, GEOBRIDGE provides expert insight and guidance in architecting and implementing payment application and key management solutions. Our financial services expertise combined with a depth and breadth of technical knowledge, means we can deliver agile solutions for global organizations.

GEOBRIDGE’s Professional Services team provides analysis, design and implementation of highly complex cryptographic key management and payment application solutions.   Our team ensures the appropriate discipline is applied for each effort to achieve optimum security and performance.

GEOBRIDGE can assist your organization to achieve compliance to the highest current standards (PCI, TR-39). The GEOBRIDGE team will ensure your payment application and cryptographic management procedures meet audit requirements, saving time and money. If your organization needs to update your existing payment application to support emerging requirements or design a new one, GEOBRIDGE can assist in providing compliant payment application solutions that embrace:

  • DUKPT (both TDES and AES) for terminal key injection, acquirer PIN processing, MAC verification and generation and data encryption and decryption.
  • EMV card issuance and online transaction validation.
  • Key storage and transport using key blocks (TR-31, ISO 20038).
  • P2PE applications, including Format Preserving Encryption (FPE).
  • EMV Payment Tokens.
  • At-rest PI data protection, using both encryption and tokenization technologies.

GEOBRIDGE has extensive experience in designing Centralized Key Management (CKM) solutions for organizations of all sizes. CKM solutions provide a host of advantages, including:

  • Secure, compliant key and component handling.
  • Centralized, secure key generation, export and storage.
  • Robust audit logging for all key management activities – simplifies audit requirements.
  • Simplifies meeting the requirements for key backup and archive.
  • Integration with existing payment applications that consume keys – minimizes manual key operations, which present the highest risk of mistakes and compromise.

GEOBRIDGE provides a rich suite of cloud-based key management services ideal for smaller organizations who do not have the volume or requirements for dedicated in-house resources and personnel. Using our Off-The-Shelf services, GEOBRIDGE can design a key management program that is compliant, cost-effective and targets your specific requirements.

GEOBRIDGE has decades of combined experience with HSMs and solutions, including:


• Thales
• SafeNet
• Utimaco
• Atalla
• Voltage
• Vormetric

We Support:

• Microservices
• RESTful APIs
• Vendor Proprietary APIs
• P2P Implementations
• Tokenization Solutions
• Host Applications
• Virtualized Services
• Assessments, Strategy, Design and Delivery

As a systems integrator, we have clients and expertise across the full spectrum of the card payment lifecycle, including but not limited to:

full spectrum of the card payment lifecycle:

• Solution Providers
• Equipment Manufacturers
• Card Issuers
• Service Providers
• Transaction Acquirers
• Merchants of all sizes

COTS Payment Application Systems

Our experience with proprietary and COTS payment application systems in the marketplace makes us unique. Solution architecture and system implementations always benefit from the collaboration of our blended team approach.

Establishing longstanding customer relationships.