Assisting with operational

Assisting with operational

by geobridge

Compliance and Program Development

The GEOBRIDGE Professional Services team has assisted numerous organizations with the establishment of policy and procedure, program creation and documentation.  Leveraging many seasoned certified assessors with years of experience with merchants, processors, acquirers, service providers and issuers to assure compliance, and enable cryptographic and key management solutions.

PCI DSS, PCI PIN, PCI P2PE, & TR-39 PIN Security Compliance

On-staff certified assessors for payment card industry requirements provide guidance and documentation creation assistance for gap analysis, remediation, and final assessment services related to PCI DSS, PCI PIN, PCI P2PE, and TR-39 PIN Security compliance. Providing program design and documentation for policy and procedure requirements that satisfy mandates for PIN Security and Key Management Programs, Network Operations, Incident Response Plans, and Corporate Security Policies to align with industry compliance requirements and best practices.

By maintaining an active voting presence and technical editing service to organizations like the Accredited Standards Committee X9, GEOBRIDGE resources remain knowledgeable, effective, and ahead of the curve to support our clients for the purposes of maintaining compliance and program documentation.

Adept In The Documentation Of Policies And Procedures

With our direct exposure from systems integration services along with strategic partnerships maintained with dozens of technology manufacturers throughout the industry, GEOBRIDGE has created and utilizes numerous templates and dictionaries that help to fast-track completion and alleviate the burden of un-common naming conventions among disparate technologies.

Adept in the documentation of policies and procedures that must be maintained, allowing for future updates, and evaluated for audit purposes, GEOBRIDGE ensures that your documentation will seamlessly map to required mandates allowing for quicker and more successful audit cycles.

By partnering with our clients and our associated network of leading manufacturers and standards organizations, we are able to continuously create new strategies that allow our clients to plan, build, and operate effective security and compliance programs.

Establishing longstanding customer relationships.