Global reach,
agnostic approach

Global reach,
agnostic approach

by geobridge

Cryptographic Development

For over 20 years, GEOBRIDGE Corporation has provided cryptographic development services to the payment industry at large.  GEOBRIDGE has designed, developed, and deployed firmware, APIs and documentation to financial service customers and manufacturers around the world.   GEOBRIDGE’s Development team supports HSMs including Thales, Safenet, Atalla and Utimaco.

In addition, GEOBRIDGE offers cryptographic development services to manufacturers for the compliant implementation of cryptographic functions that are required to support card based transaction services. Today, our team supports over 300 POI devices.

In addition to the development projects associated with card based transactions and key distribution, GEOBRIDGE has developed many other cryptographic based solutions.

GEOBRIDGE’s Development Team Specializes In:

GEOBRIDGE’s Development team specializes in:

• Key Distribution
• Cryptographic Signing Requests
• Certificate Management

Satisfy Current And Forthcoming Requirements

While many development teams exist for the augmentation of generic development services, both on-shore or off-shore, US based GEOBRIDGE Corporation possesses a unique skill set to satisfy cryptographic development practices for the payment industry.  Active in the standards community, GEOBRIDGE resources remain ahead of the curve by helping to define new solutions that satisfy current and forthcoming requirements.

The GEOBRIDGE development team always seeks to thoroughly understand initial requirements, but consistently endeavors to analyze a requested approach in order to future-proof evolving business use cases or compliance requirements.  Operating efficiently with a unique software development lifecycle, we ensure that the most aggressive deadlines are always achieved if not completed ahead of schedule.  The GEOBRIDGE development team works strategically with client stakeholders, business analysts, and internal testing and documentation teams to provide thorough and supported solutions that withstand the test of time and functionally adaptive to future requirements.

Establishing longstanding customer relationships.