Committed to
your Success
Committed to
your Success
by geobridge


GEOBRIDGE is committed to providing white glove key management support services while working with customers around the globe to provide exceptional technical support for all of our products and services. Numerous support options are available to ensure the success of all GEOBRIDGE customers.

Services Include:

• Standard Support: Monday – Friday (8am EST – 6 pm EST)
• Premium Support : 24x7x365 days a year
• Onsite implementation and training
• Key Management Support Services
• Extended Hardware Warranty
• RMA Services

Experienced and Customer Focused

Our team is trained and certified to implement and support our strategic partners’ products. Whether our team is supporting the initial implementation, ongoing maintenance of a solution or PCI key management, we are here to help augment your staff’s needs. GEOBRIDGE’s support team is experienced and customer-focused and as such, our support team is consistently rated high in customer satisfaction surveys.

Along with our cryptographic key management support services knowledge, the high level of service is the foundation that GEOBRIDGE and our customer relationships are built on.  Our team is fully equipped to provide assistance and guidance with all GEOBRIDGE supported products, projects, and related services.

Our security professionals are not only educated in technology; they also apply solid business and project management methodologies which allow us to provide unique value to our customers. Our customers include:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Card Issuers
  • Service Providers
  • Transaction Acquirers
  • Merchants of all sizes

GEOBRIDGE is very aware of the PCI key management mandates and requirements that are driving cryptographic changes in the payments industry. Our top priority is to execute all milestones by coordinating with all participating business units in order to bring each project to a successful conclusion.  The GEOBRIDGE Project Manager creates a project plan that aligns with Executive Management expectations, by facilitating weekly project meetings, establishing a disciplined approach with ongoing communication and collaboration with the customer.

Strategic projects include:

• TR-31 Key Bundling Migration.
• HSM Firmware upgrades.
• Key Injection Facility Installation.
• GDPR Tokenization.
• Migration off of Legacy injection solutions.
• Variant to AES LMK translation.
• PCI Key Management.

Our Team Is Comprised Of:

• Certified Engineers.
• Compliance Experts.
• Cryptographic Architects and Developers.
• Executive Management.

We thrive in a fast paced, highly demanding, and constantly evolving work environment in support of our clients. We have a strong commitment to our employees, partners and customers. Our relationships are the foundation for everything that we have achieved in the past twenty years and everything we plan to achieve in the next decade.

Our Support Team Is:

• Professional, skilled and proactive.
• Fast, reliable, efficient and consistent.
• Good listeners who provide solutions and build relationships.
• Educated and certified for PCI Key Management.
• Comprised of Effective team leaders.
• Committed to understanding unique environments.
• Determined to build relationships and enable your success.

Consistent Response Times

Our combined skill and quality of customer service sets us apart from the competition.  As a customer, you have access to all of these resources to help adopt new solutions, accelerate business objectives, and achieve a quicker ROI. Our team is always available and consistently demonstrates aggressive response times.

Each individual inquiry is meticulously tracked with unique ticket numbers, notes, and thorough documentation that allows for seamless hand-off to any internal team member.  This approach ensures that our clients never encounter a situation where they are forced to start over from the beginning. GEOBRIDGE Support team operates efficiently across all domains from technology through compliance.

No support organization is more responsive or better equipped to manage any request which allows our customers to focus on driving their business objectives while maintaining operational efficiency.

Establishing longstanding customer relationships.