Protecting more than the keys, protecting your enterprise

Protecting more than the keys, protecting your enterprise

by geobridge

Secrets Management

All key management teams utilize and rely upon various meta-data to effectively manage cryptographic keying materials. Because these items are utilized infrequently, they are much more difficult to memorize. Yet, these meta-data elements must be handled and protected with the same set of controls and protections as a traditional cryptographic key. Secrets Management allows key management teams to apply these same controls and protections to data sets that do not conform to standard key sizes or field spaces.

Minimally, key management teams will be responsible for maintaining:




As newer encryption algorithms become more prevalent, other associated meta-data such as initialization vectors or derivation data must also be maintained.  Beyond just key management peripherals, organizations have other sensitive data that warrant the same high levels of protection and audit capability as cryptographic keys.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, KeyBRIDGE offers a “Secrets Management” component.  Secrets Management offers users the ability to align on naming conventions, enforce custodial role based permission access, disaster recovery, audit visibility, and secure back up of any secret or sensitive data.

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