Sensitive Data

Sensitive Data

by geobridge


Tokenization is an evolving discipline that involves the secure substitution of a surrogate value for more sensitive data.

GEOBRIDGE has worked to support tokenization solutions with strategic partners. Active in the standards community, GEOBRIDGE leverages this experience to assist numerous companies in the effective deployment of tokenization solutions. Most often, tokenization solutions are sought after in order to satisfy compliance and security initiatives aimed to address mandates including but not limited to, PCI, EMV and GDPR. Effective tokenization relies upon strong encryption and secure handling techniques. GEOBRIDGE applies our cryptographic key management expertise to architect these tokenization implementations. Many technologies offer tokenization components that can be leveraged to increase the ROI of an existing investment. GEOBRIDGE always collaborates with our clients to determine optimal solutions for each environment.

When tokenization is a primary objective it should be deployed with the same due care and best practices that are associated with compliant cryptographic key management.  This means that tokens should be created by using certified and true random number generators, protected by tamper responsive hardware and validated by independent laboratories.  These are the most basic tenets of the tokenization solution offered with KeyBRIDGE.

The KeyBRIDGE tokenization solution keeps customer’s payment and personal data secure.  The solution is a hardware based platform with client-less endpoints, leveraging secured connection profiles with TLS 1.2 security.

All payment and personal data is encrypted, tokenized and stored on the platform.

Tokens are configurable and created by a true FIPS 140-2 Level 3
Hardware Random Number Generator.

The internal token vault is protected by a 256-bit AES
Master Key.

Relationships are managed with role based access controls and can
be configured for hierarchical administration.

Establishing longstanding customer relationships.