What Are Enterprise Key Management Solutions – HSM Vendors 2019 Update

by geobridge

What Are Enterprise Key Management Solutions – HSM Vendors 2019 Update

by geobridge

by geobridge

Enterprise Key Management Solutions

Encryption is a common way to protect information today, and companies of all sizes utilize encryption to protect sensitive data.

While encryption is relatively simple when using a single operating system, several different systems will use different encryption methods. Larger enterprises that use complex networks such as these can find it difficult to successfully encrypt data and manage encryption keys, which can lead to security risks and data breaches.

Complex infrastructures can make a unified encryption key management system seem impossible. However, with enterprise key management solutions, a centralized approach to encryption keys can create an advanced approach to data security.

Integrated Approach to Manage Cryptographic Keys

choosing the right hsm vendorWhat are enterprise key management solutions?   Enterprise key management solutions is professional key management that provides a single method of control for all the cryptographic keys used by an enterprise.

Enterprise key management includes all enterprise locations and manages the full lifecycle of cryptographic keys, including creation, access, maintenance, decryption, and destruction. These specialized key management solutions can protect trade secrets and other sensitive information of an organization.

Centralized key management means all encrypted data are managed in a unified way. This type of integrated approach is becoming necessary for enterprises moving to the cloud who may have different methods of encryption, leading to security gaps and lack of control over cryptographic keys.

The Importance of Centralized Key Management

centralized key managementToday, a single enterprise could use dozens of different encryption tools, resulting in thousands of encryption keys that require proper storage, access control, and appropriate destruction at the end of their life.

The importance of properly managing encrypted keys is hard to understate. Carefully regulating the lifecycle of cryptographic keys is essential to preventing unauthorized access or loss of keys—which results in a loss of access to the encrypted data.

Enterprise key management allows organizations to have a standardized key management policy which can be implemented across the entire organization. For companies that use a hardware security module (HSM), HSM vendors can provide successful ongoing management of encrypted keys, which can help corporations protect their information and ensure industry compliance.

Compliance is always changing and managing key encryption can get complicated across a large enterprise. Having a centralized method of key management can enhance security and create a cohesive way to ensure compliance across the board.

How Does Enterprise Key Management Work?

HSM vendors for key managementWhen answering the question of what are enterprise key management solutions, it’s important to recognize how the integration of all cryptographic keys into one system protects a company’s assets.

Any business that handles personal information is required to encrypt such data, but storing all information related to encryption keys in the same servers as the protected data can be an easy target for hackers.

Enterprise key management stores encryption keys in a separate yet central device, such as an HSM. Once data is encrypted, the security of the data depends on encryption key management to restrict and manage use of the device.

Centralized key management allows keys across different platforms, operating systems, and enterprise locations to be managed uniformly for enhanced security. This can help an enterprise recover data easily, quickly identify a lost key, and better control key management costs.

Since more enterprises are encrypting data to adhere to company-wide policies and compliance regulations, centralized key management is becoming more relevant. And the more data you encrypt, the more you depend on the management of cryptographic keys to prevent a security breach.

Benefits of Enterprise Key Management Solutions

Enterprise key management creates a comprehensive security strategy for encrypted data, giving corporations the benefit of:

  • BETTER USE OF YOUR IN-HOUSE SECURITY TEAM – Professional key management gives in-house security teams the resources they need to focus on core efforts and improve overall security.
  • ENHANCED PROTECTION AGAINST THREATS – Comprehensive key management solutions help protect your organization against a broad range of security threats.
  • FLEXIBLE, COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION – Scalable services give companies the option of using an HSM as a service instead of investing in and managing their own in-house device.
  • CREATE UNIFIED CLOUD ENCRYPTION STANDARDS – Enterprise key management can be especially important for companies that have partially or completely transferred to the cloud. Cloud solutions can make encryption key management inconsistent, as every environment has its own encryption method.
  • EMPLOY AN HSM-LEVEL OF SECURITY – Key management solutions from HSM vendors allow businesses to take advantage of an HSM-level of security with a single management approach, regardless of where keys are used.

Are Your Cryptographic Keys Safe?

best data securitySo what are enterprise key management solutions? They’re a way for large companies to exercise a single solution to complex key management. Enterprise key management gives businesses a way to securely manage keys without excessive cost or ineffective in-house management efforts.

Protecting cryptographic keys throughout their lifecycles with comprehensive management helps keep your organization’s sensitive information safe. Is it time to consider enterprise key management solutions for your company? Get in touch today with one of the leading HSM vendors GEOBRIDGE to learn more about the benefits of centralized key management!